Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life Update

- I am not going to law school this fall.
+ my financial aid package went through, so I don't have to pay for my classes, which is excellent, because I can't afford them and would have had to drop out of school.
- the financial aid office has taken about 50 years on my file already and STILL has not cleared my account, so:
- there is still a hold on my student records
- which prevents me from being able to send my transcripts to the law schools
- and means I still haven't been able to register for the 3 classes I need to take next semester to graduate
- which means they will probably all be full by the time I can actually register for them
- which will keep me from graduating on time, AGAIN
+ the semester from hell is finally over
- I didn't do as well as I usually do
+ I don't have to go back to school until January 22, 2009!
- I don't know what to do with myself
- my relationship with Renee has been pretty terrible
+ we're working on it
- I don't feel like she's trying enough
- I've been having really creepy flashback/memories of things I never remembered before
- which make me feel crazy and depressed
- I am totally broke
- and can't afford nice Christmas gifts for my family
- which I feel bad about
- and fight with Renee about
+/- I have absolutely nothing to do
+ I can sleep late
- I am bored out of my mind
+ I have an audition/ job interview next week with Kaplan, to teach LSAT prep courses
+ I need a job and this is a pretty good one, for now
+ at least all that LSAT practice didn't go completely to waste
- I need to teach something nonacademic for 5 minutes as part of my audition
- I have no talents outside of academics and have no clue what I could possibly teach
+ my theatre background makes me less nervous than I might otherwise be
- I am fat
+ I am on a diet and have been working out
- still not losing any weight though
- none of my clothes fit me (they're all either + too big or - too small)
- it is horrible picture season
- it is also cookie swap time = diet sabotage


A. said...

New reader :) Sorry about the law school delay...if it helps, I really believe that having some time in between undergrad and law school helps tremendously. And congrats on your high LSAT - it must have been high if you were asked to teach.


Jeannie said...

i never knew you had a blog!!!!